New Pages Feature: Add Title and Caption to Images

New Pages Feature: Add Title and Caption to Images

I just downloaded an update for Pages, word processing software available for use on a Mac, and one of the new features is the ability to attach a title and caption to an image with a couple of checkbox clicks. I’m pretty psyched. Creating genealogical reports in the software just got easier.

So, how does it work?

First, make sure you have the most recent version of Pages. I’m using 10.1 (6913).

Next, open a document and insert an image. (I use Shift-Command-V to make that quick and easy.)

Click on the image. You’ll see little white boxes appear at the corners. If the “Format” window open, the “Style” tab should be selected. (If it’s not open, do that now.)

Look for the two check boxes labeled “Title” and “Caption” at the bottom of the tab. Click in the box next to “Caption.” The word “Caption” will appear beneath the image.

Double-click the word “Caption” and enter a citation.

A title can be added using the same approach.

The font style and size is controlled by styles called “TITLE” and “CAPTION” and they appear to default to capital letters. However, they can be redefined easily.

So, why am I so excited about this new feature?

  1. Adding a title and caption (citation) is quick and simple.
  2. The title and caption boxes are automatically grouped with the image; there is no need for time-consuming extra steps.
  3. The title and caption boxes boxes adjust automatically when the image size is adjusted.
  4. If the image is copied to another document, the title and caption come along.

I’m thinking I might use this approach to try assembling project-related images into a single document. I’m thinking it would be pretty easy to move them around, if desired, and easy to print one or more pages to pdf.

If you use this feature for adding citations to images, please comment. I’d love to hear your insights.

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