14 Day Challenge #8: Research Plan

14 Day Challenge #8: Research Plan

[I’m participating in the 14 Day Mini Research Like a Pro Challenge. Thanks to Diana and Nicole at Family Locket for sharing their expertise and guiding us through the experience.]

I don’t like planning ahead. I mean, how would I know, months in advance, that I am going to be feeling like heading out on, say, a week-long trip to who knows where, on any particular day and at any particular time?

I’d like it a whole lot better if I could just wake up with a clean house some bright-sky morning in June, think to myself, “I’m in the mood for adventure!” and go for it.

Same goes for research.

I’d like to think I’m particularly good at brainstorming possibilities. I could do this. Or this. Or maybe this. Or even this.

But except for maybe choosing a starting point, I don’t like to plan.

I like to do one thing which leads to another which leads to another.

And I don’t think I’m going to change that.

But, what I am going to change is–is something I’m going to talk about in the next post. 🙂

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